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Management of the Monitoring Networks

The central nucleus of the activity starts with the management of the monitoring of seismic activities, accelerometer and GPS monitoring networks in the North-Eastern area of Italy (see Chapter 5 - Research Infrastructures), managed in convention with the Civil Protection services of the Regions and the autonomous provinces. The geographic position has since led to activating forms of collaboration with the neighboring countries to reach a real and true cross-border-monitoring.


Management of Seismological Data and Alerts

It supplies a seismic alarm system with various procedures for FVG, Veneto and Trentino, in line with the agreements with the respective Civil Protection Agencies for the North-Eastern Italian OGS-CRS area. Then, the acquired ability in the management of monitoring the networks has been extended to mobile networks for the study of microzonation, or for post-seismic interventions to study local effects and for the realization of seismic monitoring for special industrial plants, such as the re-injection sites and the storage of natural gas.


Seismology and Applied Seismology Research

The availability of the data is exploited for activities that span from classical seismology (seismic wave propagation models, tomography, studies of sources and attenuation, statistical analysis of earthquakes' catalogues, seismic-tectonic models) to activities for application purposes (studies of seismic dangers, studies of microzonation and local seismic reactions, empirical measurements of the reaction of structures to seisms). All the above-mentioned activities are also linked up with contributions from the applied geophysical fields, in order to reach the common denominator of the research and the services overseen by the OGS-CRS: to foresee the consequences of earthquakes.