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HarmoNIA - Harmonization and networking for contaminant assessment in the Ionian and Adriatic Seas

Research: With a focus on pollution from offshore drilling and from navigation accidents, the project HarmoNIA aims to enhance the capacity to tackle environmental vulnerability and safeguard ecosystem services at transnational scale by:

  • Sharing best practices to support the harmonized implementation of marine environmental directives in the ADRION region
  • Strengthening the network of data infrastructures to facilitate access and re-use of marine data among countries bordering the Adriatic – Ionian Seas
  • Supporting a common strategy to assess contaminant dispersion risk along the coast

The project will improve the coherence among most countries bordering the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, all Contracting Parties of the Barcelona Convention, of protocols for monitoring and for assessment of contaminants in the marine environment and will facilitate data and information exchange within the region.

HarmoNIA is financed by Interreg V-B Adriatic-Ionian programme ADRION, Priority Axis 2: Sustainable Region.

The project is coordinated by OGS and involves 10 project partners, 3 Ministries and one municipality as associated partners. The total budget is € 1.290.978,60.

Link to the project:

February, 2018 to November, 2019
Interreg V-B Adriatic-Ionian programme ADRION