Evaluation of the vulnerability of the marine environment in the Gulf of Trieste for sustainable blue economy

A new article has just been published in People and Nature, the result of a collaboration between OGS and Università degli Studi di Trieste, confirming that only a high level of protection for the marine environment can minimize the impact of human activities.

Researchers processed environmental data and information on human activities in the Gulf of Trieste and, using a high-resolution geographic information system, produced two vulnerability maps: one for seabed and one for marine ecosystems.

In the Gulf of Trieste important industrial and highly anthropogenic areas coexist with various protected and conservation areas such as the Miramare Marine Reserve, the Regional Nature Reserves and the Natura 2000 network areas: adequate planning of marine space is therefore essential for the development of a sustainable blue economy in line with Goal 14 of Agenda 2030 Agenda on the conservation and sustainable use of the marine environment.