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​​​​​​​OGS researchers will take part in the event scheduled on 30 September in Porto Vecchio to tell and share their passion for science


New research involving OGS and CMCC simulates scenarios with high-resolution data for the first time. The models suggest a more acidic sea and more oxygen, nutrients and plankton, but also show the potential impact of reducing CO2 emissions


Trieste Next, the festival of scientific research that will take place from 22 to 24 September at Piazza dell'unità. The OGS, one of the promoters of the event, is participating with a series of free activites. The world is our laboratory is the theme of the institution's exhibition space shared

mare di ross credits PNRA

A new study by an international team including the OGS sheds light on how physical-biological processes can control CO2 sequestration.

Fitoplancton in movimento

The characteristics of the sea change with depth, in terms of temperature, availability of nutrients, and also the intensity and color of the water. This results in different niches being more or less suitable for different phytoplankton species. In a recent study, a group of OGS researchers

Evidence for a developing plate boundary in the western Mediterranean

New geophysical evidence reveals the style of deformation along a plate boundary in the western Mediterranean, as reported in an article published in Nature Communications, to which OGS contributed. The current diffuse-strain model of the collision between Africa and Eurasia in the western

Pesci e mare

The Trieste Laboratory on Quantitative Sustainability is founded by the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) and the Fondazione internazionale Trieste per il Progresso e la Libertà delle Scienze ( FIT ) with financial support from the Ministry of University and Research

Attività del progetto BIOSEA

With the conference on July 22nd, the activities of the BIOSEA project, Tutela e salvaguardia della BIOdiversità e dei SErvizi ecosistemici degli Ambienti di transizione - a project funded by PO-FEAMP 2104/2020 and involving OGS and the University of Messina in the coastal lagoons of Capo Peloro and

OGS Centro Nazionale di Supercalcolo

The governing bodies of the ICSC Foundation, which will manage one of the five national supercomputing centers envisioned in the National Reconstruction Plan, began their work today, July 19. This marked the establishment of the National Research Center for High Performance Computing, Big Data and

summer school Blue Skills 2022

The 2022 edition of the Summer School: the Copernicus Marine Service as a supporting tool to foster Sustainable Blue Economy was held form 2 till 8 of July. 25 students from Albania, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Libia and Tunisia gathered in Trieste to attend the advanced