Ghiacciaio Thwaites

For the first time, geology has been mapped beneath Thwaites Glacier, a key area of the Antarctic Ice Sheet that is the subject of multidisciplinary studies related to its role in future sea level rise. The international research team, led by the British Antarctic Survey and in which the National


By increasing the frequency of data collection, OGS instruments recorded the passage of the cyclone that caused the flooding in Emilia Romagna


OGS contributed to the international study just published in Nature Communications that shows how past warm climatic periods played a crucial role in the formation of loose sedimentary layers


The call will provide the access to elements of the MINKE network

h carteri

A new study led by the OGS and just published in Scientific Reports has revealed for the first time the non-uniform distribution of silicon in the exoskeleton of coccolithophores, both cultures and fossils of the species Helicosphaera carteri.

Il Centro di ricerche sismologiche all'adunata degli Alpini 2023

From May 11 to 14 we will be present at the Alpine Citadel of Udine in Moretti Park to present the research activities of our seismological research center

Laura Bassi

Si svolgerà l'8 maggio la giornata di studio organizzata dall’Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale - OGS con la Capitaneria di Porto di Trieste e l’Università degli Studi di Udine


A multidisciplinary study, to which the OGS also contributed, has identified the most vulnerable areas in the present and in future scenarios

Rotta della rompighiaccio Laura Bassi

After more than 12,000 miles and 40 days sailing from the port of Lyttelton in Italy, the icebreaker Laura Bassi arrived today in the port of Ravenna

icap atene

The exchange of best practises for the development of an international master is the aim of the project. The OGS is one of the partners with its Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Economy, which was recently presented in Athens