MAMBO1 buoy (Miramare): instrumental implementation


The meteo-oceanographic buoy MAMBO1 is going to be implemented with new, high-tech instruments.  An innovative measurement system aimed at determining the CO2 concentration in water will soon be installed on the buoy, which belongs to OGS and is located in front of the Miramare Castle.

New sensors will be added to the site: a self recording CT SBE37 sensor will be installed at 10 mdepth, and a “cage” containing a pH sensor (SAMI2-pH), a CO2 partial pressure sensor (PSI CO2-pro) and a CT SBE37 sensor will be positioned at 15 m depth.

After these innovations, MAMBO will become an innovative infrastructure devoted not only to chemical-physical studies and to the monitoring of the coastal waters, but also a useful tool for a deeper insight in the mechanisms that regulate the inorganic carbon cycle in the sea. At the same time, the buoy site will turn into an ideal platform for experiments (“test site”) in R&D projects.

Data acquired in the water column, together with those from the meteorological station, will be available in near real-time on the OGS web page dedicated to the MAMBO buoy (

All the data will be used in combination with those collected at the C1-LTER station, located in the premises of the buoy, and will provide the researchers with a better comprehension of the major processes that control the CO2 concentration in the sea and its role on climate change.


Caterina Fanara;; Fabio Brunetti -