OGS inaugurates new headquarters in Livorno

Today saw the official opening of the new headquarters of OGS in Livorno, which is primarily dedicated to oceanographic activities. In this first phase, the focus is particularly on quantitative ecology - the branch of ecology that deals with the study of the relationships and dynamics between living organisms using quantitative methods such as mathematical models - and oceanographic modelling.

Present at the inauguration were the Councillor for Innovation and University of the Municipality of Livorno, Barbara Bonciani, the President of the OGS, Nicola Casagli, the Director General of OGS, Paola del Negro, and Simone Libralato, researcher in the Section of Oceanography at OGS and responsible for the new headquarters.

The aim is to expand the scientific activities and collaborations of the institution: a collaboration with the Inter-University Centre for Marine Biology "G. Bacci" in Livorno is already underway and collaborations with the research institutions in Livorno and the universities of Tuscany are in preparation in order to use all the capacities of the OGS in the oceanographic field in the future.