OGS participates in Eurofleets oceanographic campaign SARAS


OGS is a partner in the latest Mediterranean campaign funded in the framework of the European programme Eurofleets, this time in the Alboran Sea, aboard the Spanish research vessel Ramon Margalef. OGS marine geologist Silvia Ceramicola embarked on 9 August, in Malaga, together with Spanish, French, Belgian and Moroccan researchers, for a 10-day campaign called SARAS.

SARAS (South Alboran Research in Active Systems), led by the University of Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris), aims at investigating seafloor morphologies and structures in order to relate them to geodynamic processes at depth beneath the Alboran Sea. SARAS is linked to larger projects interested in improving our understanding of active Earth systems in relation to geohazard assessments in the densely populated Mediterranean region.