Workshop HPC@OGS, 6-7 June 2013

Workshop HPC@OGS, 6-7 June 2013

Michelato Room, Pal. E


The Workshop is organized in the frame of the research agreement for High Performance Computing (HPC) between CINECA and OGS.


The program of day 1 (6 June, start at 10am), open also to other scientific institutions of the Trieste area, is based on talks given by CINECA staff (Carlo Cavazzoni, Graziella Ferini and Giusy Muscianisi) concerning the following issues:

* HPC trends and perspectives (hardware and applications)

* introduction to CINECA systems FERMI and EURORA

* access to CINECA services: ISCRA and PRACE calls

It will be possible to follow the talks on line at the link

The videos will be then available on the same channel.


Day 2 (7 June, start at 9am) is structured to initially offer a general view on the numerical applications developed in OGS, followed by specific meeting between CINECA staff and OGS researchers.

This is the program of the talks:

1. A. Teruzzi: "Physical and biogeochemical modelling of Mediterranean Sea"

2. P. Klin: "Numerical simulations of earthquakes in 3d-model of terrestrial crust with Fourier pseudospectral method"

3. N. Creati: "Hydrogeological risk evaluation with Python and ANUGA"

4. A. Brosich: "Oceanographic data preservation, discovery, mapping, online processing and mining at the OGS-NODC"

5. D. Zuliani: "GPS data elaboration with GAMIT/GLOBK"