EOSC Future

EOSC Future is an European Union funded Horizon 2020 project to implement the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC): the EU ecosystem of research data and related services. The EOSC Future partners have been working to give European researchers access to multiple research data and professional services. Designed in strict collaboration with researchers and other project stakeholders, EOSC Future has been establishing a trusted platform for findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable data, resources and services in a wide array of disciplines. The web platform integrates existing data and services from science communities, research infrastructures and e-infrastructures. Via a single sign-on system, European researchers can access interoperable resources and manage the full lifecycle of their data. EOSC Future will provide a user-friendly environment for data discovery, data storage, data recomposition, computing services and furthermore. This way, the project wants to help make EU research more innovative, more streamlined, and easier to produce.

The activities are structured around six thematic pillars: i) Policy and strategy insight to make sure the EOSC Future environment is built on the foundations of previous EOSC projects while aligning with shifting stakeholder needs; ii) Technological development while ensuring interoperability between the different EOSC functionalities and resources; iii) Excellent science by implementing five research projects that address pressing societal challenges and complex scientific problems. These projects emphasise the value of open science and showcase how EOSC can support excellent and cross-disciplinary research; iv) Co-development & procurement by onboarding services able to make EOSC innovative and sustainable; v) Skills & training to make the most of the EOSC environment; vi) User engagement to create an EOSC environment suitable for different needs and intuitive to use.




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