Addressing the challenges of the health of the planet: consolidating the activities of the Triestino Laboratory for Quantitative Sustainability

The first General Assembly of the Trieste Laboratory on quantitative sustainability (TLQS) was held today, the Laboratory was established in July and promoted by the OGS and the Trieste International Foundation - FIT - thanks to funding from the Ministry of University and Research - MUR.

During the Assembly, composed of representatives of the scientific and cultural institutions of the city and the signatories of the TLQS project approved by the MUR, the scientific action plan was approved, the coordinators and deputy coordinators of the research groups were appointed and Stefano Fantoni was appointed chairman of the TLQS Scientific Council.

The Assembly also appointed Andrea Illy as Chair of the International Advisory Committee to interface with the Scientific Council and represent the needs of industry, commerce, finance, environment and sustainable development, as well as philanthropic activities and media.