HarmoNIA Project Meeting and Second Stakeholder workshop

HarmoNIA Project Meeting will take place on Wednesday, 6 February 2019, in Split (Croatia) and will concretely involve the whole partnership to update the project activities and present the first project results. The Project Meeting will be followed, on Thursday, February 7  by the Second Stakeholder workshop aimed to bring together the community of stakeholders (representatives from Ministries, regional and local authorities) involved in environmental protection, sustainable development and management of hydrocarbon and geo-resources, to share knowledge about pollution response plans (or contingency plans for pollution response) in case of potential accidents, to acknowledge the stakeholder’s vision on the state of the harmonization of marine environmental directives in the ADRION region and to establish a dialogue on HarmoNIA objectives. HarmoNIA Steering Committee Meeting will take place on Friday, February 8.