Trieste NEXT 2023

As every year, the appointment will take place with Trieste Next, the Festival of Scientific Research, which will enliven Piazza Unità d'Italia from September 22 to 24, bringing science, research and innovation to the heart of the city.

An extensive conference program with some OGS events can already be found online:

Saturday 23 September from 10.00 to 11.15 , Area Talk 1

"Innovazione tecnologica per la sostenibilità: dai dati alla sensibilizzazione delle comunità" - Environmental change is there for all to see, and the only way out is to change ourselves too, without exception. The conference aims to show how technology, often seen as the cause of all evil, can be of great help in managing change. Concepts such as Open Science, machine learning, digital twin of the ocean, which are the basis for technological innovation in the scientific world, will be explained. New tools to raise awareness among citizens and public institutions in data collection and public engagement initiatives will also be presented.


Elisabeth Kubin, researcher Section of Oceanography OGS;

Antonio Novellino, head Research and Development Smart&Sustainable Cities ETT;

Valentina Pasquale, research data management specialist Italian Institute of Technology.

Moderation: Angela Saraò researcher Seismological Research Center OGS.

Sunday 24 September from 18.00 to 19.15, Area Talk 1

"I canyon sottomarini: perché li studiamo?" - Observation of the seafloor using innovative technologies (ROV and AUV drones) has led to important discoveries related to catastrophic seafloor events, such as submarine landslides, fluid spills and active faults with significant consequences for society. Studying marine hazards and their evolution over time is crucial for the protection of coastal populations and infrastructure. The conference will focus on the “Return” and “Geosciences IR” PNRR projects, which are dedicated to these issues and aim to develop models and scenarios useful for coastal management.


Silvia Ceramicola, researcher Section of Geophysics OGS;

Francesco Latino Chiocci, professor of Marine geology University of Rome La Sapienza.

Moderation: Fausto Ferraccioli, Director Section of Geophysics OGS.