EARth Sciences & Environment service

The EArth Sciences & Environment service (FAIR-EASE) project is a Coordination and Support Action for the Research Infrastructures, funded through the Horizon Europe Work Programme for 2021-2022. Specifically, FAIR-EASE is part of those actions focused on driving the implementation and the operationalisation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC): the EU ecosystem of research data and related services. 

FAIR-EASE contributes to attain the vision of a Web of FAIR data and services for science by advancing EOSC in a more cohesive and structured manner. The project aims at integrating and customising a set of services scaled up at a higher technology readiness level that will allow scientists and machines to collaborate in storing, processing, finding, accessing and reusing scientific data in an open way. The initiative is the ideal ground for improving and building a wide range of new innovative and value-added services. 

FAIR-EASE has been structured around the requirements from multiple Earth and Environmental Science disciplines and their thematic research infrastructures.  Many different challenges have been identified by FAIR-SEA partners, such as rendering multi-domain and multi-source data and services FAIR, combining and coupling satellite data, in situ observations, experimentations and models, processing a high flow and vast amounts of data transparently, and extracting knowledge from multisource data analysis workflows. 

The project has been developing i) a discovery and access service to environmental multidisciplinary and aggregated data-sets as managed and provided by a range of European data infrastructures; ii) an Earth Analytical Lab through web-based interfaces, processing tools and on-demand data visualisation services, to facilitate remote analysis and processing of heterogeneous data; iii) a number of multidisciplinary use cases to validate and demonstrate the capabilities of the FAIR-EASE system for supporting open science. 



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Horizon Europe Work Programme 2021-2022
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